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Michael Apice's Europa's Cry
Book Series Is Here!

Europa's Cry... An Angel's Tale is the first illustrated short novel in a proposed series by Michael Apice and Mike Watt (Click Here)of what promises to
be a mad dash to screen!.

It's a story about an angel sent to Earth to "minister to the sick" and offer final redemption!.
Her first mission: a pedophile. It's strong stuff but meant for folks of any faith.

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Random Europa's Cry Book review as seen here on Amazon.com:

" I just read Europa's cry from cover to cover and only wish it were longer. The characters were real even though they're angels. The writing is very descriptive and I got a vivid sense of being in their reality. I thought it was interesting that the characters on the seemingly good side have dark hair and the bad character has blond hair. Blond hair is usually associated with innocence which of course plays well so that this character can do her work. I think this story would make an awesome Movie or TV Series. I have heard there will be future installments of this work and hope it's true. "

Stephanie A. Bertoni
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As an art enthusiast... Michael's work is just a perfect addition to my wonderful collection!
-Linda Hamilton 3 Time Golden Globe Nominated Actress